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When you think about finances, how do you feel? Some people feel sad, frustrated, or annoyed. Other people feel just fine. That's a pretty good starting point, but it's just a starting point. It is our goal to have you feeling more than fine about financing. We plan on doing that by educating you, our readers. This blog will include posts that teach you how to do a better job with your own finances. It will also include posts about lending, budgets, and retirement savings. It's the broad sort of education that we believe is important if you are going to feel more than fine about finance.

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Learn How To Buy Bitcoin

8 June 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Bitcoin is the new frontier of both technology and the economy. People are still trying to figure out a lot about this form of digital currency, and during its rise to prominence in the past few years, the currency has hit highs of roughly $60,000 or so. While Bitcoin just arrived on the scene, for all intents and purposes, it's clear that this currency is here to stay and is becoming increasingly mainstream. Read More …